Servo Hydraulic Trim Presses


Our servo hydraulic trim presses, offer ultra fast speed, and precision. They are available in different sizes from 100 ton up to 800 ton and are available with a variety of options like custom bed sizes, additional stroke, additional daylight, additional side cores, and many other options to fit your specific requirements.

These are ultra high-performance servo hydraulic trim presses that provide a convenient and time-saving method of quickly and easily adjusting die setup to maintain maximum productivity. The Safety PLC and HMI control system is state-of-the-art in flexibility and operator feedback. Having the ability to quickly set and save die recipes means fast turnaround times for die installation and die switching.

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We Give You More Press For Your Money.

To be competitive today’s economy requires that manufactures run their operations more efficiently and cost effectively than ever before. We offer the highest ROI (return on investment) in the industry. MetalPress gives you high-quality products for a reasonable investment and with more features than any other company. Simply put, we give you the most bang for your buck!

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It's All About


Greater Control Means Greater Efficiency.

Our servo hydraulic trim presses feature advance Safety PLC control with large color HMI screens with easy to read graphics - all at no extra charge. See all press functions and parameters on a clear visual layout, and easily change anything on the fly. Now that is real control.



We Give You Options of PLC & HMI.

Select the control system that is best for you and easiest for your maintenance team.

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No More Messing Around with Setting Up Limit Switches.

We use digital micropulse transducer sensors which provide precise ram positioning, infinite setup flexibility and greatly simplify and speed up die setup. The setup data is fed back to the control system and can be recalled as a “recipe” for future reuse.



Important for Worker Safety and Good Health.

Our standard touch buttons have to be pressed together or the press will not start the down cycle. This is another layer of worker safety. In addition, the buttons are designed to fit the shape of the hand and to help alleviate the effects of carpal tunnel syndrome and other nerve disorders common to repetitive operator interfaces.

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Worker safety should not be an option when ordering a press.

We are very serious about worker safety. That is why all our servo hydraulic trim presses include full size CAT4 safety light curtains as a standard feature. The light curtains work along with the other safety features to ensure worker safety at all times. Worker safety is our highest priority, and it always will be.



Flexibility for Your Changing Production Needs.

All our servo hydraulic trim presses have the built-in flexibility of having a drop through hole or a solid base platen using a removable plug plate. We understand each project is different and we give you the option to adapt the servo hydraulic trim presses to meet your current and future needs.



No Need for Centralized Cooling.

All our servo hydraulic trim presses feature a built-in, full size, high quality, water cooled heat exchanger that will keep the press oil at an optimal level.

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Keep Your Dies Clean Between Every Trim Cycle.

We include four air blast valves with a programmed timer built into the HMI screen.



No More Need to Remember to Lubricate the Tie Bars

Our standard automatic tie bar lubrication system will reduce the scoring on the tie bars and thus will extend the lifetime of the press and the press precision. The “set and forget” system simplifies maintenance and even warns the operator to refill the lubrication oil container.

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Built-In Flexibility.

All our servo hydraulic trim presses include two core punches. More core punches can be added as required. The core punch sequence and timing is fully customizable using the HMI screen, and the simple step-by-step setup routine. The setup then becomes part of the overall die recipe that can recalled at any time.



We Use Brand Name Components You Know, Already Use and Trust.

We use only the finest quality components that are open source, and readily available locally in your area, or from our online parts store. We do not use any impossible to find proprietary components.

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Increase Production by Adding A Robot

We include robot interface I/O's built right into the HMI screen with 3 different modes. Choose from manual mode operation having the worker operate the whole press, semi-automatic mode having the worker on the front removing trimmed castings and a robot on the back loading castings, or fully automatic mode with our automated part unloader on the front and a robot on the back. We can customize these modes to your specific requirements.



Automate Trimmed Parts Removal.

Our optional pneumatic or hydraulic parts unloader can fully automate the removal for trimmed castings. Increase production speed and accuracy.

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Add Even More Worker Safety.

Add our optional pneumatic safety door for enhanced worker safety. The door has an electronic safety edge which stops the press if triggered.



We Can Remotely Troubleshoot Your Servo Hydraulic Trim Press from Our Facility.

Our servo hydraulic trim presses include a Remote Connectivity Unit which allows our press technicians to remotely check the performance of the press, make any needed changes to the program or HMI, or to troubleshoot it directly from our service center. The customer is only required to connect the unit to the Internet via an Ethernet cable. We handle the rest.



Remotely Monitor Your Servo Hydraulic Trim Press Performance From Any Device.

As an option, all our presses are available with Industry 4.0 remote performance monitoring units which feature a custom dashboard. You can not only monitor press performance, but you can be notified before an issue occurs. Included are condition based maintenance reminders and shift performance statistics. Minimize impact of emergencies and maximize press uptime, and productivity. Monitor what is going on with theservo hydraulic trim press and your production efficiency from any device, anywhere in the world.



Flexible Range of Applications.

Available from 100 tons all the way up to 2200 tons the MHS Series of servo hydraulic trim presses can handle any application.

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Model US Tons

Platen Size (inches)

Metric Tons Platen Size (mm)
MHS-110 100 39 x 31 100 1000 x 800
MHS-220 220 47 x 39 200 1200 x 1000
MHS-330 330 59 x 47 300 1500 x 1200
MHS-440 440 78 x 59 400 2000 x 1500
MHS-550 550 98 x 59 500 2500 x 1500
MHS-660 660 118 x 78 600 3000 x 2000
MHS-880 880 137 x 78 800 3500 x 2000
MHS-1100 1100 157 x 78 1000 4000 x 2000
MHS-1320 1320 157 x 98 1200 4000 x 2500
MHS-1650 1650 177 x 98 1500 4500 x 2500
MHS-2200 2200 196 x 98 2000 5000 x 2500

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